If you are a California student in foster care who wants to attend college right after high school, there are some important dates to start keeping track of, starting in your junior year of high school.   Use the timeline below to make sure you don’t miss any important deadlines!



  • Register for the December ACT or SAT if you want to attend a school in the CSU or UC system and you are retaking the exam. 
  • Have letters of recommendation written from three people for your EOP and scholarship applications.
  • November 30 is the deadline to apply for the CSU and UC systems

                 o Note: for foster youth, up to four CSU and UC applications are free

                 o Note: You should also apply for on-campus housing, where you may have priority access as a foster youth



                 o Note: Remember to identify yourself as a foster youth

                 o Note: Have scores sent to schools where you are applying

                 o Note: Fee waivers are available.

  • Take Community College Assessment Tests

                 o Contact the school you wish to attend for information on taking these tests


  • Log in to WebGrants 4 Students to make sure your high school sent your Cal Grant GPA Verification form to the California State Aid Commission (CSAC).
  • If planning to attend a community college, apply for EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services).

                 o Contact the community college you wish to attend.

  • If you plan to attend a CSU or UC school, apply to participate in campus support programs for foster youth like Guardian Scholars and Renaissance Scholars

                  o Go to http://www.cacollegepathways.org/find-campus-support-programs/

  • Register as soon as possible!

                  o Note: This is important because as a foster youth, you may be able to register prior to the general registration period!

Junior Year


  • Register for AP exams 

                 o Note:  This cannot be done online.  Contact the Guidance Counselor at your school

                 o If you miss this deadline, less financial aid may be available.

                 o By applying in your junior year, you may receive aid for summer bridge programs after you graduate high school.

Senior Year


  • Contact the foster youth liaison at the college(s) you want to attend to find out about Foster Youth and Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) application procedures.

                  o Go to http://www.cacollegepathways.org/find-campus-support-programs/ 

  • To apply for the Educational Opportunity Program (EOP), contact the school you wish to attend to find out about the application process:​


             Note: When completing your application, include your letters of recommendation

Early September

  • Register for the October ACT or SAT if you want to attend a school in the CSU or UC system.