Checklist of Questions to Ask  (PDF version) -- a handy list of questions you should ask about colleges you're considering

College Navigator

  • College Navigator is a national website that contains a database of colleges along with extensive information on those schools including: whether the college is public or private, 2-year or 4-year, for-profit or non-profit, the net cost of attendance (Net Cost = Cost minus typically available scholarships and grants), accreditation, tuition, graduation rates, cohort default rates, location, student body, and more.

College Scorecard

  • College scorecard is run by the Department of Education. It contains a database of colleges that can be easily searched. It is more visual than College Navigator, but does not include cohort default rates, and some of the information available on college navigator. The website does include average annual cost of each institution, graduation rates, salary after attending, average student debt, typical monthly loan payment.

O*Net Online

  • O*Net is a great place to research the career in which you are interested. The website includes information different career paths, the education required, and the average wages for each career / occupation listed.

California College Pathways

  • California College Pathways contains a wealth of information for foster youth. The website has information on nearly everything: college prep, selecting the right college, information on Guardian Scholars and Renaissance Scholars programs, financial aid, campus supports, housing, and many other resources.

U.S. Department of Education

  • This federal website contains student loan information, grant information, and information on school accreditation.

Consumer Protection Financial Bureau

  • The Consumer Protection Financial Bureau reviews and investigates complaints from consumers who have experienced issues with financial products (like student loans). The bureau website also has excellent information on different types of student loans, and what students should know before taking out a loan.

Watch this helpful video to learn what information you should know about colleges you're considering, and where you can find that information!